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How To Add URL

    How to submit your site:
  • Check to see if your page is already listed: if your address is http://www.yoursite.com then search for yoursite.com, if you find your site under search results then your site is listed but if you find your site under meta search results then your site is not in our directory and you need to submit it.
  • Find the appropraite category then submit your site from there by clicking on add url
  • Fill in the form completely in English language so the engine can find your site in searches and remember these rules:
    • your url should start with http://
    • this is not an advertisment for your site so do not use words such as "the best", "the first", "the largest", "the cheapest", "everything you want", "and much more".
    • do not use all capital letters.
    • only Arabic and Islamic sites will be validated.
    • submit your site to one category.
    • sites under construction, affiliate sites, poorly designed sites and adult sites will not be validated.
    • no short url (such as come.to, cjb.net, and fly.to) are allowed.
    • we reserve the right to modify or reject your link.
  • If you would like to suggest a new category for your site, contact us